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My name is Natalie Bezdaris and I am proudly running the 125th Boston Marathon on October 11th for Hopkinton Boys Youth Lacrosse!
My son Christos is currently a 8th grader playing for the U-15 division teams. We joined HopLAX in 1st grade with little knowledge about the sport but knew deep down that Christos would be drawn to the game - It was the right decision! We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the progression from little peanuts on the field to the talented U-15 players we are watching now.
The coaches and volunteers are the best. Our boys have been fortunate to have these leaders with boys of their own in the program return year after year. And the HopLAX families we’ve come to know from 1st grade to now 8th grade have made it a community I cherish.
If you can, please consider donating in support of this wonderful program via the PayPal link below: